About Ergatas

We seek to have all Christians support at least one of God’s workers, and all His workers be fully funded.

Why so few workers right now?

We just launched in December! We're still growing, so if your looking for missionaries, please check back here often. If you're a missionary, create a profile!

The Purpose of Ergatas

Typically, missionaries have to go out and find their partners - Ergatas changes that, allowing anyone to find a missionary.

Missionaries who are raising funds can create a profile on the site at no cost, describing their ministry, where they will be ministering, what job skills they will be applying, and lots more.

Christians (maybe you!) who are interested in supporting a missionary can discover a missionary that they might be called to support. Perhaps you might support a missionary working in the same industry as you. Maybe you have a heart for a particular country and want to partner with someone ministering there. With Ergatas, you can find missionaries from different organizations, all over the world!

How does it work?

When you are ready to make a donation, the donate link will take you to the missionary organization's donate page where you can safely donate to the missionary you have selected. Ergatas does not take any portion of the donation.

Why Ergatas?

Have you ever wondered how missionaries support themselves and their families while they do their missions work? For some, a sending church or organization provides them with their full support ( rent, food, utilities, etc.). For others a few churches provide their full salary. But for most missionaries, their salary comes from the donations of friends, family, and churches. Most missionaries in this situation don't have any single church providing a large chunk of their support. Instead, their support might come from 1 to 5 different churches, and 20 or more individuals, each giving what God has put on their heart to give. These are the missionaries that Ergatas aims to help.

The process of raising support can be very rewarding in many cases. It is wonderful to see people commit to your ministry, and wonderful to see God provide month after month. But it can also be a very daunting task. It often takes a long time, and for many missionaries, is quite intimidating. Many people are uncomfortable talking about money or asking for financial support. Many have been turned away from even trying to become a missionary at the thought of raising support. Still others try, but after several years, still have not raised enough to live on. They often are forced to leave the field, or never even make it to the field.

Another challenge for new missionaries is that only a small percentage of Christians actually support a missionary directly. Many feel that tithing to their church is enough. But most churches do not provide missionaries with more than 10% of their monthly needs. Out of all the money given to the global church each year, only 0.36% goes towards global missions (thetravelingteam.org). All Christians have a calling to be part of the Great Commission, either by becoming a missionary, or by supporting a missionary (Matt 28:19-20).

The purpose behind Ergatas is first to help missionaries be able to raise their support more quickly, and to hopefully make it a little less intimidating. Secondly, to encourage every Christian to support a missionary.

The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Unfortunately, the number of workers who make it to the field and are able to stay there, are even fewer than the number who are called. This should not be! God is absolutely able to provide for every missionary He calls, but He chooses to use us to meet those needs. It is a great honor and joy to be used by God in this way. Let us do everything we can to help those whom God has called to get to their harvest field, where God can use us and them, in partnership, to reach the lost!

What Does it Mean to Partner with a Missionary?

A missionary partner is anyone who helps a missionary in their ministry, in whatever way they can. Three of the most common ways are by regularly praying for the missionary, being an encouragement, and through financial support.

Prayer support is a critical need for every missionary, for we do not fight against flesh and blood, but against spiritual forces of evil in high places (Ephesians 6:12). Prayer is our best defense in this battle.

Encouragement is also very important for missionaries, who are often facing challenging situations, lack of resources, or any number of discouraging things. Sometimes they are alone in their work with no one else to talk to. Hearing a word of encouragement from a partner through an email or phone call can be huge blessing!

Finally, every ministry requires financial support to function. Missionaries need to pay rent, buy food, etc. There are certainly cases where working a normal job while doing ministry makes sense. But every hour a missionary spends at work is an hour they cannot perform the ministry God has called them to.

When we partner with a missionary, we become every much a part of their ministry as they are. Missionaries simply can't function without a team of partners supporting them. A missionary and their partners are all one team, and they all share both in the burdens of ministry, but also in the indescribable joy that comes from obeying God's word and fulfilling the great commission.

God has called some to full time ministry, and others God has called to support those in full time ministry. Neither one is greater than the other. The missionary is not greater than a partner, nor is a partner greater than a missionary. All of us serve together, as links in one chain. Whether you are a partner, an at-home missionary working in an office, or on the field, each link is vital to accomplish the task that God has called all Christians to.

So, if you choose to partner with a missionary, ask them how you can pray for them, send them messages of encouragement, and commit to regular financial support.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you pronounce "Ergatas"?

Ergatas is completely free to both users and missionaries. Anyone can come to the site and perform a search. Clicking the donate button for a particular missionary simply takes them to that missionaries existing donation page on their organizations site, and the user can donate directly to the missionary. We do not take any amount of the donation. We're just here to help make the connection.

Missionaries serving in sensitive locations should be careful what information they provide in their Ergatas profile, as all of it will be publicly visible.

One possible approach to using Ergatas in that situation is to provide a false name in the profile, leave out any photos, and leave the location field blank. Care must also be taken that the provided donation link does not go to a page that lists the missionaries name. In order to ensure the donation makes it to the missionary, the organization receiving the donation must be aware of the false name used, and direct donations for that false name to the true missionary.

We cannot make any guarantees of safety and the above approach is just a suggestion. Each missionary must use their own judgement as to whether or not creating a profile on Ergatas would put them at risk.

If you are a missionary in a sensitive location, or are familiar with the plight of those who are, we'd love to hear from you! We would like to talk about what we can do to make Ergatas safer to use.

Yes, there are a few sites out there that allow you to search through all registered non-profits. Ergatas is different for a few reasons. The main difference is that we focus on individual missionaries. Ergatas aims to help missionaries raise support, not help organizations fund their projects (funding projects is of course a worthy goal, just not our goal!). Of course, the organization benefits by having a fully funded missionary. A second difference is that we are focused only on Christian organizations.

It is critical that users be able to have faith in the validity of the missionaries represented. This is accomplished in a few ways. First, the missionary must select their organization from an approved list. These have been manually inspected to ensure that they are registered 501c(3) organizations, that the given website truly belongs to the organization, and that they are compatible with our statement of faith.

If the missionaries organization is not listed, they may apply to have the organization considered for inclusion.

Secondly, the donation link given in the profile must match the verified domain of the organizations website. The fact that the organization has provided them with a donation link also gives you confidence that the organization has vetted the missionary.

Finally, profiles can be flagged by users for review if anything looks suspicious.

Each missionary will be asked to agree to a statement of faith before creating a profile. Further, users can visit their organizations site and read their statement of faith as well.

It is very often the case that a missionaries partners come from people they have a prior relationship with, and that is a wonderful thing! We firmly believe that missionaries should continue to cultivate relationships with people during partnership development.

But there are also some people who are interested in supporting missionaries who fit certain criteria, even if they don't know the missionary personally. For example, a doctor might want to support a medically skilled missionary. Or someone might want to support those ministering to the totally un-reached. Someone who has a heart for a particular country might want to support a missionary working in that country, etc.

These are the kinds of people that Ergatas will be most helpful to. Of course, once a user finds a missionary to support, we would heartily encourage them to get to know their missionary, build a relationship, and pray for them.

At least once every 4 months, missionaries are required to either update their profile information or confirm that it is still current. Any profiles not updated or confirmed within that time will be disabled until an update is made. You can see the last date an update was made on the missionaries profile page.

Over 180 organizations are already approved that can be selected by missionaries. If you don't see your organization in the list though, you can apply to have it added.

For an organization to be approved, it must meet the following requirements:

  • Agrees with our statement of faith.
  • Has an online donation page that allows donations to be designated to specific missionaries.
  • Based in USA (this requirement will be removed at a later date)
  • A registered non-profit. In the USA, that means a 501c(3)

Once you submit the application, we will review it and get back to you within a week. If the organization is approved, then it will become available for anyone to select on their profile. Approval only needs to be done once per organization, not for each missionary in that organization.

Who We Are

Kevin and Ruth Horan founded Ergatas in 2020. Before Ergatas, they had both served as missionaries for about 15 years. They met while serving together in 2011 and were married in 2012. Their two kids are Zoey and Zachary.

Kevin earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science in 2011 and enjoys programming. Ruth has worked with gospel audio materials and doing database work. She is excellent at organizing things.

When Kevin started off in missions, the thought of raising 100% of his support was quite daunting! But over the past many years, God has graciously provided for them every single day. Kevin wished a tool like Ergatas had existed back when he was getting started, to make things a little easier.

We hope this tool will help others on their partnership development journey.