Non-Financial Ways to Help

Did you know there are lots of highly effective ways to help Ergatas workers without spending a dime? Below are some ideas.

Be an Ergatas Mobilizer

Help us spread the word to both missionaries and Christians. By spending just 5 minutes a month, you can help us reach thousands of people! Learn more.


Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and others, are a great way to spread the word. Simply sharing a worker's profile, or a post from our Facebook page is almost as effective as a paid advertisement, but costs nothing! It's easy to think, "what could one share accomplish?". But when many people share, the effects are great. You can share posts with your friends, or if you know of any relevant groups, you can share with them also.

It also helps to "follow" Ergatas on either Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Reacting to posts is another great way to increase the odds of that post being shown to more people. Did you know that, while "liking" a post on Facebook is good, using a different reaction, like "love", "care", "wow", and others, actually caries more weight with Facebook? So use one of those other reactions whenever possible.

Online Links

Another great way to help is by spreading links to Ergatas online. For example, writing a blog post, or adding a link to us from a website you manage. When Google sees a lot of other websites linking to Ergatas, it "learns" that Ergatas must be an important website, and thus is more likely to rank us higher in its search results. This can be just as effective as paid advertising, but it doesn't cost anything!

Word of Mouth

Even with all this modern technology, simple word of mouth is still extremely effective! Tell your church's missions committee, tell any missionaries you know, just tell everyone! You never know who may know a Kingdom worker who could benefit from Ergatas, or in whom God may be preparing a heart of generosity who just needs to know what people's needs are.


Last but certainly not least, is prayer. Apart from God we can do nothing. We cannot do this on our own strength using our own clever thinking or our own connections. It has to be God doing the work, providing the right connections, and everything else that goes into this work.

Here are some prayer points:

  • Pray for donations to be made to workers on our site. All this work is for nothing if it doesn't help our workers.
  • Pray for the ministries of the workers on Ergatas
  • Pray for more workers to learn about Ergatas so that they also may be able to benefit.
  • Pray that we would continually follow God's leading in how we can best help those workers God has called to build His Kingdom.