Connect with Joshua Project

6,500 Joshua Project visitors per day can now connect with Ergatas Workers!

Joshua Project is a well known resource for learning about the spread of the Gospel in different people groups and countries. Over 6,500 people visit the site each day. They now also include links to Ergatas workers whenever a worker indicates that they are working with a specific people group or country. This allows Joshua Project users who are interested in one of those people groups or countries to connect with workers already making an impact there.

If your ministry is reaching a specific people group or country with the gospel, you can take advantage of these links from Joshua Project by creating a free profile on Ergatas. As you create your profile, if you'd like to be linked by country, be sure to put in your location. If you're reaching one or more people groups, either directly or in a supporting role, you can also select them in your profile. Links are then created automatically.

If you already have an Ergatas profile and you've entered your location and/or people groups, you're already linked! You don't need to do anything more.

For example, someone learning about Niger on the Joshua Project website would find the link "Meet a Laborer" at the bottom of that page. Clicking that would take them to Ergatas with a list of all workers in that country. Similarly for people groups, if someone was learning about the Albanian people group, they would find the same link at the bottom of the page, and then be able to see a list of workers who are reaching that people group.

Users then have an opportunity to connect with any of those workers for ministry collaboration, prayer or financial support.

If you're serving in a sensitive location, be sure to read about the security implications.